Is Your Window Cleaning Company Guilty…Of These 12 Marketing Mistakes?

You’ll make many mistakes as you build your window cleaning business, but don’t let marketing be one of them. Marketing is the life-blood of any company, but it’s not always an easy walk in the park. Fact is, marketing mistakes are often unavoidable, especially if you are a new aspiring window cleaning entrepreneur.
Here, we will point out the most common mistakes that window cleaners all over the world are making in their marketing efforts. Not only will you discover the major mistakes, but you will also learn how to avoid them or prevent them from occurring again within your business.


What Should A Company Be Doing With The Approaching Summertime Lull To Ensure A Great Fall

Just because your prospective audience is on vacation or is spending money anticipating the back to school rush, doesn’t mean you and your organization should be twiddling your thumbs - especially when it comes to marketing and building revenue. Though business may be slower, keep in mind, a lot of people are also home, or working, and not on vacation, with plenty of cash flow just wishing they were poolside. Why not give them a reason and some relevant information and offers to help them make an informed decision to hire you today?


5 Around Marketing

Spring has arrived and no doubt you have your marketing strategy in full force.  When I first started my business in early 2000 I didn't have much money for marketing.  I was relying on word of mouth for the most part.  However, the speed at which word of mouth was working to ramp my business wasn't happening as quickly as I wanted.  I started doing what is now termed as 5 Around Marketing and it remained one of the most effective methods of marketing we ever did.


Why Online Reviews Matter … and How They Can Fuel Your Business

Consumers are increasingly relying on the information that they find on Google and in online reviews to evaluate and choose businesses just like yours. In fact, according to research conducted by BrightLocal, 88% of people trust online reviews written by other consumers as much as word-of-mouth.


Residential Business Growth For Idiots Dummies?

This section is dedicated to ideas that you can incorporate in your business to make it better.


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