Orbit Releases an Inexpensive Water Meter

Why do Window Cleaners Care?

This little water meter can be added to your water fed system to keep track of water usage and give you a more accurate time table of when to replace filters than just a TDS reading every now and then.

How it works?

This inexpensive device can be placed on the inlet side of your water fed system. Once water runs thru the device it will keep track of gallons of water used. It keeps track until reset or battery change.

After the first time, you replace your DI filter simply see how many gallons you have used. Reset the water meter. From now on you will have a visual gauge as to when your filters will need replaced. No more surprises in the field that your DI tank has expired. By gauging the gallons, you used from the first replacement you will easily be able to determine when your entering the end of the filter life.

How Much is this Little Device?

Would you believe you can find these at your favorite supply stores for around $5.00. Finally, a water meter that doesn’t have to be hard plumbed and is inexpensive. A no brainer!!!!

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