It’s Postcard Time

Written By Derreck Smallwood

BUT...before you start sending postcards and ads all over town, there are still some more steps you need to address.

Identify Your Target Market

The benefits of this step should be easy to recognize. 

You spent all that wonderful time developing your goals and planning away. So, you decide "I know what I'm doing! I'll just buy a billion postcards, shoot them at every mailing address in the country, and see what sticks."

I get the mindset. People think that choosing your audience should be handled like a machine-gun: spray-and-pray. If more people see your ad campaign, then surely that will lead to a larger ROI. Right? …Right?


Leave the machine-gun at home. You want your campaign to be more like a sniper in action - your market should be as hyper-focused as possible.

When you narrow down your target market, two things happen:

1) You reduce overall costs for your marketing campaign.


2) You receive an optimal return on investment due to higher relevancy.

Once your ads are more targeted, they become more relevant. And when they become more relevant, they find your business more relatable. This, in turn, leads to them being more likely to buy than any other leads.

Think of it this way...if you ran a pool cleaning business, would you try to sell your services to someone without a pool?

I'm hoping your answer was a big, fat "NO!"

Keeping your target audience focused is only the third step in a successful campaign, though.

Make sure you continue reading the rest of the list before you start aiming for clients left and right. We're only half-way there, after all. ;)

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